Monday, August 19, 2013

Seattle Public Library

This summer my husband and I took a little vacation to the Pacific Northwest (without our 3- and 1-year old kids, yay!!). After visiting the Pacific Ocean at Westport, Washington, and Mount Rainier National Park, we spent a day in Seattle. I'd heard great things about the public library there, so after a ton of walking around the Seattle Center and Pikes Place Market, we hiked up the hill to see the library. It was so worth it!

The kid's area was huge and full of beautiful displays, themed with everything from classic stories to their summer reading program.

Ohhh how I drooled over this story hour room!
Play and computer stations. I'm surprised there weren't any kids there at the time, but I guess it was in the middle of the afternoon (aka naptime).

We also trekked upstairs, where three (or was it four?) floors were arranged in a winding spiral full of non-fiction books.

I took the escalator up to the 10th floor. 

Looking down at the street from the 10th floor.

Looking way down to the first floor atrium!
After all the walking we'd done that day it was nice to just sit in a comfy chair, 10 stories up, and relax.
A beautiful library, and a beautiful city! (This photo taken from Kerry Park on the north side of town. Yes that is Mount Rainier.)

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