Friday, February 7, 2014

Bulletin Board: Winter Olympics

I have loved watching the Olympics since I was a kid. My favorite sports to watch were always gymnastics in the summer and figure skating in the winter. I did an Olympic-themed storytime with my toddler and preschool groups, and was needing something new for one of my bulletin boards.
The colorful schedule of events below the dates is a screenshot of this page from the Sochi website (it could very well have changed from what I have by the time you click over to it). I took a piece of posterboard and dangled a pen next to it and asked people to write down their favorite Winter Olympic sport.
The medal count page and the Olympic event art pages came from an amazing, 100+ page packet of activities from the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. I'm tellin ya, if you have kids, whether they're homeschooled or not, K-6th grade, check out this packet! I wish my own kids were older so we could use it!!

So... what is YOUR favorite Olympic sport to watch?? :)

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