Saturday, September 5, 2015

Spoiler alerts are my #bookwormproblem

There are many books I feel like "everyone" has read except me. Last year I joined the YABMC because the first 7 months of the year were the Harry Potter series, and though it was a second- or third- or more-time read for many, it was a first-time read for me (I was part of the mindset when they came out while I was in high school that they were evil books...).

I LOVED them (Goblet of Fire was my favorite). But I'm sure many of my fellow book club members had a hard time not saying certain things and carrying on conversation without including spoilers. Then this was exactly the time when Rowling released the statements about regretting having Ron and Hermione hook up. Um... I hadn't gotten to that part yet. But I brushed it off as "I figured it was going to happen anyway." (at least no one told me who died in the end before I read the last book!)

Then last month in the YABMC we read Little Women. Another first-time read for me, though many people read it when they were kids. Now, if any of you in the club are reading this, please know I do NOT fault you for comments and conversations we had during this book! It's my own fault for reading it slowly (I'm still not quite done) and for not having read it sooner! But I did learn a few things about what would happen later in the book - and again have brushed it off as "I figured something like that would happen." 

So my #bookwormproblem of the month: being embarrassed about needing spoiler alerts when conversing about a book "everyone" else has already read. 

What book have YOU not read that it seems like "everyone" else has??

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  1. Oh! We were so good about not spoiling Harry Potter last year - but I totally didn't think about Little Women spoilers, because I just assume ppl have seen the movie even if they haven't read the book! Whoops. :)

    1. No worries! :) I haven't seen the movie either! I've really been a first-timer. :)