Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You Made Me a Mother

Do you remember seeing this little video that came out a couple of years ago?

My oldest will turn 6 this month, and my youngest will be 4 this summer. I often forget what it was like to be an expectant mother, especially the very first time around. Every so often I come across photos of my big belly, or of the girls as newborns, and try to remember what it was like...

The video was recently adapted into a children's picture book, called You Made Me a Mother by Laurenne Sala. I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for a review, and let me tell you -- it gave me "all the feels".

The illustrator is one of my favorites -- Robin Preiss Glasser (famous for Fancy Nancy). The book is very simple, only a sentence or two on each page. It leaves a lot of story open for imagination, and reminiscing about our own motherhood stories.

I'll admit, the book was not that exciting for my kids -- but I think ultimately the target audience is mothers themselves. :) I'd consider it along the same lines as Love You Forever, which is a best-selling book that appeals much more to mothers than to their children.

With Mother's Day coming up next weekend, this book would be super cute as a gift (Amazon has fast shipping, and I've seen it on the shelf at Barnes & Noble!). And could you imagine the ooo's and ahhh's if this book was given as a baby shower gift, or to a brand-new mother?

Here are some additional links to connect with the book and the author:

Happy Mother's Day!

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