Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Lion's Tales: early June

Hanging out with us at praise band practice :)

Summertime!!! Here's what we've been up to...

1. School finished for the summer on June 9
Rocky finished his 12th year of teaching, Abby finished 1st grade, and Ellie finished 4-year-old preschool. Now all five of us will be home together for 10 weeks! (I'm not sure whether I'm excited or anxious about that...)

2. We've already spent hours at the Lakehouse
Rocky's dad and stepmom live in the house that he grew up in from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year. We get to enjoy sun & swimming, waterskiing, pontoon-riding, sailing, and even Legos and board games and cartoons when we need a break. Penny doesn't nap the greatest there yet, but we do alright.

3. Abby loves her new bike
For Abby's birthday at the end of May, we got her a new bike without training wheels. Even though we live in a tight neighborhood, she always wants to ride her bike two houses away to her friend's house, and she even rode with Rocky to our softball game one evening.

4. Abby & Ellie participated in Cheer and Tennis Camps
This week and next week the high school coaches and sports teams offer 4-day camps for the elementary kids to learn about various sports. Both girls chose to do cheer camp (mornings) and tennis camp (afternoons) this week -- Abby will also do basketball camp next week. Ellie is pretty shy in new situations, so while she will jump around and say the cheers at home, she often sat on the sidelines.

Abby is up on top (wearing blue), Ellie is sitting in back (wearing gray)

5. Penny turned 4 months old!
How did that happen?! While her days vary from lots of 30-min naps one day to three good solid naps the next, she has been only waking up once at night (and sometimes not at all if we're out and about late). She rolls onto her belly all the time, and while she knows how to roll to her back, she often either forgets or chooses not to until she yells loud enough for us to rescue her. She loooooves music, whether it's singing to her before bed (she smiles around her pacifier and it's adorable) or sitting on Rocky's lap while he plays piano.

Have a great week!

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