Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vancouver Public Library

I just realized this post was still only saved in draft form... whoops! Last summer my husband and I took a little vacation to the Pacific Northwest (without our 3- and 1-year old kids, yay!). We spent some time in Washington, a day in Seattle (including a stop at the Seattle Library), and visited friends in Lynden. Then I had a conference to go to in Vancouver, British Columbia. We made a few quick stops in downtown Vancouver, including the Vancouver Public Library -- though we didn't have the time to go inside. But the architecture of the building is amazing!

We're not into many tv shows, but one that we did follow was the Fox show called Fringe. It's a sci-fi series that only had 5 seasons and 100 episodes (and is a little complicated to explain... Wikipedia describes it as a "hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone"). We discovered that most of the series was filmed in and around Vancouver, so we checked out a few key places while we were there. :) The Vancouver Public Library's exterior was shown as the Fringe Division's Headquarters. Pretty cool to see it in person!
Image from fringetelevision.com

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