Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One year later

It's hard for me to believe I've been at my library job for an entire year. Looking back, I did a TON of things, but it all went by so fast. The first week of April a year ago, I was learning what treasures were in my storage closet (though I still find new things, even now!), where to find books about dinosaurs in the non-fiction section, memorizing our address and phone number, planning four more storytimes to finish the season, and freaking out about summer reading being only two months away.

I don't have a library degree, and this has been my very first job in a library setting. On top of the simple where-things-are-in-the-building learning, I've learned about things like library privacy policies and the reference interview. I'm amazed my brain hasn't exploded yet.

I'm actually looking forward to this next year with excitement. Rather than just surviving, I've got ideas for change and improvement. I have goals for increasing my storytime attendance, not just for the sake of numbers, but because I feel like kids are missing out when they're not there. I'm changing how we're tracking summer reading to encourage consistent reading, not just a competition for prizes. And next fall I want to add elementary and teen programs. If I can fit it into my part-time schedule...

I can almost guarantee this next year will look different than last year. And I like that thought. I guess this means I'll be sticking with this job for awhile, huh? :)

P.S. I just discovered that this is my 50th post. How fun. :)


  1. Happy anniversary, Carrie! It's my one-year anniversary today at my current job too. There's still so much more to learn, even though I'm on my third youth services job. It's such a great career though because you are always learning and every day is different. :)

    1. Thanks Anne! And happy anniversary to you too. :)