Friday, November 7, 2014

Storytime: Cats

Age: 2-5 years
Time: 30 minutes + play and craft

1) I use the same opening and closing songs each week. Click here to see what I do.

2) Cookie's Week - Cindy Ward
A cute little book about all sorts of things a cat can get into.

3) Colorful Kittens Flannel
I discovered a "Cat's Meow Storytime Kit" in my storage closet, that was packed with all sorts of ideas for a cat-themed storytime. I used a couple things from it - this flannel and the Three Little Kittens story and props below. I asked the kids if any of them had cats at home, and if they did what color their cats were.
I have a little gray cat, and his name is Mike.
I wonder why he sleeps all day and wants to play all night?

I have a little orange cat, and her name is Pam.
I think that she's especially sweet 'cause she's the color of marmalade jam.

I have a little black cat, and his name is Jack.
He always purrs his little song when he sits upon my lap.

I have a little white cat, and her name is Flo.
She loves to lick her little paws until they're white as snow.

I have a little calico, and her name is Pat.
She's black and white and orange and brown, my little rainbow cat.

4) Rainbow Kittens Flannel
From Kim, originally from Miss Courtney. I made the cats reversible with white on one side and color on the other. I didn't make the box of paint piece, but thought last minute to grab one of my own boxes of watercolor paints to use as a prop. I had one little girl asking "how did she do that?!?"

Six little kittens found a box of paint.
They jumped right in... Their mother will faint!
The first little kitten came out red.
"I'll be orange!" the second one said.
The third little kitten turned bright yellow.
"I'll be green," said the next little fellow.
The fifth kitten said, "My favorite is blue."
"Purple for me," said the sixth with a mew.
Dancing home the little kittens go,
To show their mother a kitten rainbow!
Mama cat said, "You're the most colorful kittens that I've ever seen!"
Then one...
She licked them all clean! 

5) Mama Cat Has Three Kittens - Denise Fleming
More things that cats do (especially nap). I tried to find books this week that weren't simply starring a cat as the main character, but books that really visualized the way cats act and how they spend their days.

6)  The Cat Came Back - Laurie Berkner from Whaddya Think of That?
Since there aren't really any motions to this song, I just had the kids run around the room pretending to be cats. I had some old yarn balls for them to bat around too.

7) Three Little Kittens
Part of the "Cat's Meow Storytime Kit" mentioned above included pieces for the classic story the Three Little Kittens. I handed out the cat masks, and since there weren't enough for everyone I also handed out some of my cat flannel pieces. We read the story a couple of times and switched who had the masks so everyone would get a turn. I also had the word "mee-ow!" on a big piece of paper, and in the story there were specific places to hold it up and have the kids say it. They loved it.

After collecting the items (and handing out stickers), I told the kids we needed to find our lost mittens. I had hidden one of each color around the room, and the kids had fun searching.

8) How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Cats? - Jane Yolen
I was disappointed to discover this one was only available as a board book. I looove the "How Do Dinosaurs..." books. I just read it slowly and did lots of panning so everyone could see. A good reminder for the kids to treat animals nicely.

I use the same opening and closing songs each week. Click here to see what I do.

10) Playtime/Craft
I brought out the blocks and instruments again, as well as the fake leaves to throw around. Eventually they all gravitated toward the table activity - decorating these Nasco masks to look like cats (glued triangle ears on, used pipe cleaners to attach around their head).

Other cats ideas:

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