Monday, November 24, 2014

Storytime: Family/Families

Age: 2-5 years
Time: 25 minutes + play

With Thanksgiving coming up I thought it would be fun to have a storytime all about family. But do you know how hard it is to do a search online for this theme?? I kept coming up with advertisements and plans for different library "Family Storytimes" which meant they were FOR families, not ABOUT them...

1) I use the same opening and closing songs each week. Click here to see what I do.

2) The Family Book - Todd Parr
A nice introduction to the theme, this book showed that while a lot of families may look different from each other, there are a few things that are always the same.

3) My Family (fingerplay)
This is mama, kind and dear. (point to thumb)
This is daddy, standing near. (point to pointer finger)
This is brother, see how tall! (point to middle finger)
This is sister, not so tall. (point to ring finger)
This is baby, sweet and small. (point to pinky finger)
This is the family, one and all! (wiggle all fingers)

4) Family Scarves flannel
From Katie. I made faces of grandpa, grandma, mommy, and daddy. I already had some winter clothing (scarves, hats, mittens) from another flannel activity, and while they didn't fit the greatest on the people, I didn't have time to make new ones! I handed out pieces to the kids and put the faces up on the board, and when we sang about the kids' pieces they brought them up.

(tune of Mary Wore Her Red Dress)
Grandma wore her blue scarf, blue scarf, blue scarf
Grandma wore her blue scarf all day long

5) I'm Going to Grandma's - Mary Ann Hoberman
A neat little book about not being afraid to stay overnight at grandpa & grandma's house. I think the story of the quilt went over the heads of some of my younger kids, but overall it was okay.

6) We Are the Dinosaurs & The Goldfish Song
I needed to fill some time, so I took requests for songs to dance to.

7)  Is Your Mama a Llama? - Deborah Guarino
I found I had little stick puppets of the characters in this story, so I showed the kids the cover of the book but explained I was going to tell them the story with puppets instead of showing them the pictures. I used the book as a sort of puppet stage on my lap, and had them help guess the animals based on the descriptions and rhymes before revealing them.

8) I Love My Mommy - Giles Andreae & Emma Dodd
Aww... Lots of love to the mommies, some of whom were there and some of whom the kids would see in the evening after work.

 I use the same opening and closing songs each week. Click here to see what I do.

10) Playtime/Craft
I brought out the blocks and instruments again, and just had some Thanksgiving coloring pages available. Right now I'm not trying very hard to come up with crafts that tie to the theme, and I don't think the kids miss it. :)

Other family ideas:
Here Comes Grandma! - Janet Lord (I read this one in my Littles [0-2 yrs] class)
Big Sister, Little Sister - Leuyen Pham
My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks - Hanoch Piven
My Beastly Brother - Laura Leuck

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