Saturday, February 7, 2015

February #bookwormproblems

In the YA Book & Movie Club we've started reading Marie Lu's Legend trilogy. It's a first-time read for me, though I've been reading lots of dystopian YA in the last couple of years.
My #bookwormproblem? Once I get into the thick of a plot of a book like this, I never. want. to. put. it. down. I want to go and go and go and go for hours and finish it in one shot. I'm plagued by "what happens next?? how will they get out of this mess??" And authors sure know how to keep you hooked by leaving the end of chapters hanging. "I'll read just one more chapter" turns into five more...

It's taken a lot of self-control to read a single chapter then start a load of laundry. Then read another then play with the kids. Then read another then fold the laundry.

I find if I can accomplish enough things in the morning then I don't feel so bad reading for an extended period during naptime!

I know this is a good reason to try audiobooks, but I feel like I only get 2 minutes here and there to read throughout the majority of the day! And a day like today (Saturday) the hubby is home too, so I don't want to bore him with my books, or completely ignore him as well as the kids... :)

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  1. You should give audiobooks a shot! I often listen to them in tiny snippets. I mean if you literally mean one minute at a time, that could definitely be annoying. But if you've got 5-10 minutes, I think it's worth it!