Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Usborne Review: On the Moon

On the Moon by Anna Milbourne & Benji Davies
24 pages. Hardcover. 

From Usborne: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the Moon? This beautifully illustrated picture book will take you on a journey to find out. You can fly into outer space, walk on the Moon and take a look at our world from a very, very long way away."

My thoughts: My family loves astronomy. One of the first apps my husband and I got on our new smartphones was GoSkyWatch. Our deck of playing cards has the constellations on them. We've been known to pull an old mattress outside and sleep in the backyard to watch a meteor shower, or sit on the curb in our subdivision to see the northern lights. And from the time both of our kids started talking, they would look in the sky at night and point and say "mooooooon!"

This book does a beautiful job of telling facts about the moon along with great pictures -- some of them look to me like they're real photos that have been edited to add the cartoonish characters, but the transition is so subtle maybe they really are just completely drawings. And it's a fairly large book for being short, 10 inches square. The text is simple so an early reader could read it with only a little help, yet it appeals to all ages. My entire family loves this book!

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