Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Lion's Tales: early July...

This weekly [errr... as often as I have time] recap is where I blog about anything and everything from the past week [or more...]. Could be about books, my kids, my garden... Random things in my life that don't fill enough space for their own post!

It's been a busy couple of weeks! Be prepared for a post with only a few points, but LOTS of pictures! :)

1. Rocky and I helped at our church's Vacation Bible School. I led the Bible Expeditions station, so 4 rotations came to me throughout the morning and I taught the kids about Elijah, Naaman, Jesus, heaven, etc. I love the VBS program that Group Publishing creates, it's all scripted out so I don't have to create anything on my own. And it's always so fun -- the kids got to eat food brought by "ravens" and dipped their spotted hands in the "Jordan River."

Abby was so excited to participate for real this year - both girls have been "attending" VBS since they were babies, as Rocky and I volunteer each year. But Abby was able to be part of the full preschool program this year.

Abby got to help out on stage the last day. 

2. The weather the weekend of the 4th was beautiful. We spent pretty much the whole weekend, Friday afternoon through Sunday, at our extended family's "lakehouse" (not spending the night, as we only live 15 minutes away and others in the family come from hours away). It's the house Rocky grew up in, so it's not just a small summer cottage! There was lots of relaxing and eating and playing in and on and around the water.

Abby and I enjoyed this hammock a lot... :-)
Yup, my almost-3-year-old went tubing! (Abby however
refused out of fear - until the following weekend)
Rocky's family have always been big waterskiers. His sister even is
part of a show-skiing team. His dad's birthday was on the 4th, and
they decided to attempt a pyramid together. They did it on the first try!

3. The week after the 4th, I quickly packed my bags for 5 days in Pennsylvania! I attended the 46th Annual GEMS Leadership Conference. GEMS Girls Clubs is a non-denominational organization dedicated to helping bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. The vision is to see girls around the world actively and enthusiastically expressing love for God and others.

I've been involved in my church's club for 10 years, and have done some leadership at the state level for 4 years. This Conference brought together almost 500 women from across the US and Canada to be encouraged and equipped, not only for leading in their clubs but also to just grow in their own spiritual life. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Adults can have fun too. :) 

Annie Downs, one of the amazing speakers.

I participated in a pre-conference tour -- we went to Gettysburg.

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