Friday, November 13, 2015

Quick Lit: November 2015

Lots of sickness in our house has unfortunately meant more
tv and snuggles and mindless web surfing than reading...

My goal for this year is to read 36 books - 3 a month - after only finishing 24 last year. I'm definitely behind schedule now, with only 26 books completed so far in mid-November (but hey! I've already read more than last year!)

I'm really hoping to catch up during the last week of December, when our family will have long plane rides... and lots of time relaxing in really really warm weather... :)

Here's what I've finished in the last month.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
I finally jumped on the Rainbow Rowell bandwagon with this one. It's a fun, modern YA story that was easy to pick up and put down when I only had a few minutes to read. I'd never really considered the world of fan fiction, maybe because I haven't been into any series that would generate it. Except Harry Potter, but I just read those for the first time last year and when I did research a little more -- and even tried Pottermore for a bit -- all the fan stuff seemed young (like high school kids). Maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots. Or maybe I just haven't been enough of a fan of anything to pursue it further.

Anyway, I plan to read more of Rowell's books, her style seems like one I could load up my Kindle with for our Christmas break trip.

(currently reading Emerald Green)
by Kerstin Gier
I'm reading these for the last few months of this year's Young Adult Book & Movie Club. I'd never heard of them before having them on the list, and it was neat to discover they were originally published in another language. A bit of romance, a bit of time travel, and a whole lot of mystery keep me going in them. I'll admit it's not my favorite YA trilogy, I sometimes have trouble following the time travel and Gideon's mood swings bother me, but I'll definitely see it through to the end.

Do you have a favorite Rainbow Rowell book? What are some of your other recommendations for easy vacation reads? (not too much romance please!) 

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  1. I've only read her Eleanor and Park, which I liked, but would classify as romantic.

  2. I think Fangirl IS my favorite Rainbow Rowell read but I also really loved Eleanor & Park and Attachments. Definitely going to look into Ruby Red!