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The Lion's Tales: February 7-13

Inspired by Sadie's Saturday 7 and Jessica's Weekly Ramble, this weekly recap is where I blog about anything and everything from the past week. It could be about books, my kids, my garden... Random things in my life that don't fill enough space for their own post!

1. Both of my girls had school Valentine's parties this week. It's nice that they're both in semi-small schools, so I could buy a box of 32 Valentines and a bag of candy and it was enough to cover both of their classes. :) I did start my Sugar Fast on Wednesday (more about that in a point below), and my eyes went wide when our counter exploded when they dumped out their bags of candy after school. At least I'm not tempted to sneak a Tootsie Roll whenever I walk by like I usually would be...

2. The opportunity came up to go see my all-time FAVORITE musical (not to mention my favorite movie :)  professionally performed last night. Ohhhh all the feels.... The casting was perfect, the sets were gorgeous, the singing was flawless. I was wiping away tears when the lights came up at intermission ("Climb Ev'ry Mountain"... nuff said!).

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I was quite the shy kid in school, and I definitely played up my introverted-ness (though people thought I was "breaking out of my shell" at church and in 4H - I still remained quiet at school). And when many of my friends were part of the school play each year and they told me I should try out too, I always refused. I remember going to their performance my senior year and sitting in the audience thinking "why didn't I do this??". But after high school there aren't many opportunities for drama/theater unless you want to pursue it professionally. Oh there are some local theater groups, but everything takes time. Maybe someday I'll look into it, or maybe I'll just go on dreaming about performing as Maria...

3. I started my Sugar Fast this week. I'm trying to be really conscious about as much as I can, but won't beat myself up if I miss something. I've been a label-reading fiend. I'm keeping track of what I eat, and am debating whether to have one big post/page with everything or not (like Jessica Fisher's Sugar Fast page here). If nothing else, I'll recap here weekly to keep myself accountable!

Day 1 - Wednesday Feb 10
Coffee with heavy cream and honey
Breakfast: Shredded wheat cereal from Aldi (the ONLY ingredient is wheat), milk, banana
Snack: Hard boiled egg with salt
Lunch: roast beef (seemed to not be sugar cured), provolone, lettuce wrapped in a tortilla (lots of tortillas and bread contain sugar, but the tortillas I had on hand didn't!)
Snack: Strawberry fruit strip from Aldi (basically dried fruit - if I had a dehydrator I'd make these myself) and handful of cashews, coffee with heavy cream and honey
Dinner: Scrambled eggs with leftover sausage and ham, cheese, wrapped in a tortilla, with orange juice

Day 2 - Thursday Feb 11
Coffee with heavy cream and maple syrup (yum! a new favorite!)
Breakfast: Homemade granola (contains honey and maple syrup) with milk
Lunch: No-sugar peanut butter from Aldi on toast, with a banana
Snack: Lemon Larabar and handful of cashews
Dinner: Grilled hamburger with cheese, mayo (sugar was one of the last ingredients but the label said 0g), mustard, dill relish, lettuce on a bun (didn't check the bun, I'm sure it does have sugar though. I wasn't too concerned). No ketchup, the second ingredient was sugar. I wish I'd had a tomato.

Day 3 - Friday Feb 12
Coffee with heavy cream and maple syrup
Breakfast: Shredded wheat with milk and banana
Lunch: Leftover homemade jambalaya (rice, chicken, ham, smoked sausage [didn't check the label], tomato sauce, chicken broth, seasoning)
Snack: Handful of cashews and Aldi strawberry fruit strip
Dinner: Homemade pizza (I make my own crust and leave out the sugar anyway, and use homemade tomato sauce and add my own seasonings for the pizza sauce. Didn't check the labels on the meats, but this is a meal I'm not concerned about)
Snack: Bluberry Larabar (see point 2, the musical didn't start until 8:00 and we were still on the road at midnight when my stomach started growling...)

So far so good. It's definitely easier during the day when it's just Ellie and me. Rocky and Abby have mid-winter break this weekend, so they were home on Friday and will be on Monday too. At least I'm not at all tempted to have fruit snacks with the kids, or ice cream with Rocky at night. The "sweets" that are obviously off-limits are the easy things...

Have you ever been in a play/musical/drama
in school or as an adult? 

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