Monday, April 25, 2016

Korea: Part Two

We're finishing up our second and last month in Korea in the Reading Together Family Exploration Book Club! (Click here for more book club posts. This world traveling thing is fun!!)

Click here to read my Part One post about two other neat Korean kids books.


This month, after looking through Sheila's list of Korean picture books, I requested a stack of them from the library. Some were a little too long and historical for my kids, but we spent the month reading and reading three of them: Peach Heaven, The Green Frogs: A Korean Folktale, and Bee-Bim Bop.

Every time we finished reading Bee-Bim Bop, my kids would ask if we could make it sometime. Conveniently, there is a recipe in the back of the book... We had most of the ingredients on hand already, so one evening last week we went for it!

When I added the spinach to the wok, I must not have
squeezed out enough water because the oil splattered badly!
The book did eventually end up drying out decently though... 

Ready to mix! Of course we realized after we served it
that we should have used bowls instead of plates. Oh well. :) 

It was delicious! The only thing we changed was not using bean sprouts (I'm not really a fan, and didn't feel like tracking them down in the grocery store). I've already written the recipe down to use again in the future. One of my husband's favorite Chinese dishes is Mongolian beef, and he thought the marinade for Bee-Bim Bop tasted similiar.

After dinner I showed the girls where Korea is on a map. Yay for an easy way to experience a tiny bit of another culture from our own home!


And I also want to quickly share about our YA pick for the month: When My Name Was Keoko.  It's a story told from the perspective of children living in Japanese-occupied Korea during World War II. I really really liked it. I'll review it a bit more in my Quick Lit post later this week, but wanted to mention that I usually avoid stories about WWII -- honestly I'm not sure why, I guess other time periods are just more interesting to me. But after reading this book, I went and put a library hold on another WWII book! (The Nightingale)

Thanks to our hosts for the RTFEBC:

And Moira of Hearth and Homefront, our March/April co-host!

Be sure to check out our hosts' pages for this month's linkup! If you've been reading along with us about Korea, or just have a post about reading together as a family, please head over and share with us! Discussion will continue in our Facebook group too.

We're moving on to Iran for May and June, I hope you can join us! :)
Picture Book: Forty Fortunes
Elementary: Shadow Spinner 
YA: Persepolis

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