Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Usborne Review: Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster
by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
32 pages. Paperback or Hardcover.

From Usborne: "Whenever Jonathan James finds himself in a new situation, he hears his Whatif Monster asking all kind of questions to stop him trying something new: What if it’s scary? What if they laugh? What if it’s hard?  Finally, Jonathan James has some questions of his own: What if they don’t? What if it isn’t? What then?"

My thoughts: This book is so simple, but hits on a huge concept -- for kids and adults! Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing for all of us. Even I have had some of the thoughts the Whatif Monster shares in the book -- "What if you jump and look really silly?" But I love how the book then goes back to each scene and combats the worry with a more positive "what if" question -- "What if I jump right into that pool and everyone thinks I look really cool?"

As with all Usborne books, the pages of this one are super sturdy, and the bold bright colors are appealing to all ages. It has great rhyming and makes an awesome read-aloud. There is even a plush monster available -- I received one in a reward box for my business, and Ellie claimed it right away. When she's scared at night we'll remind her to pray and hug her monster. :)

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