Friday, September 12, 2014

Flannel Friday: Animals

It's my first Flannel Friday post! Yay! When I took this job, I inherited a filing drawer full of flannel things that I've been drawing from and adding to over the last year. Most All of the things I've cut and created myself have been copies of others' ideas, and so I haven't wanted to post them on FF because they weren't my idea...

There have been a handful of books, rhymes, and stories involving animals that I've wanted to do flannels with, but never have the pieces I need. Finally this summer I really wanted to sing Old MacDonald with the kids and use flannel pieces, came up empty, and didn't have time to make all of them (I can be a pretty bad procrastinator...). So I decided to make a couple of animals at a time over the last month (and will continue!), to build up a variety of animals I can draw from the next time the need arises.

I found clipart that I printed, taped onto the felt, and cut. So far I have a cow, horse, pig, sheep, snake/worm, mouse, cat, and dog.
 I used them already last week during my "red" storytime for the Five Little Apples rhyme.
What would be some other good animals to have? I'm thinking I'll go for jungle animals (monkey, lion, etc.) next.

Kelly is hosting the round-up today! You can also check out FF's website, Pinterest, or Facebook!

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