Friday, September 19, 2014

Flannel Friday: What Will It Rain?

In preparation for my Fall Storytime next week, I've seen some really cute flannels for the story What Will It Rain? by Jan Moncure at Miss Sarah's Storytime and Rain Makes Applesauce. Since I already had many of the animals (part of my ongoing add-every-animal-I-can-think-of collection), I only had to create a few plus the foods they dream about.
The tree and acorns I already had as well!
Sadly the book is out of print and my library does not have a copy, so I had it interloaned to take a peak at it and make sure I get the story right. I'm still not 100% sure whether I will read straight from the book or simply ad lib as I go with the flannel pieces.
I could feasibly have 8 kids each take a food, and when I tell about the animal that eats it they can bring it up to the board. So far I have only had 2-6 kids each week, so it should work out perfectly!

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  1. Beautiful pieces. Must say...27 plus years in Library services and I still don't have every animal I could think of made in flannel. You go girl - you inspire me!! I never even thought of this approach. Bravo!