Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Lion's Tales: March 22-28

This weekly recap is where I blog about anything and everything from the past week. Could be about books, my kids, my garden... Random things in my life that don't fill enough space for their own post! 

1. The week has been up and down with my library job coming to a close. We had two really good candidates for my position, but one ended up taking another job somewhere else and the other gal declined our offer (it wouldn't pay enough...). So we're back to doing more interviews, and hopefully finding someone before I'm done next Wednesday!

2. I'm in the midst of planning my last storytime, where the theme will simply be "my favorites." I'm going to read some of my absolute favorite storytime books, do all of our favorite storytime songs and flannels, etc. I already know it's going to be difficult. Last Wednesday when we were singing our goodbye song we reached the last verse which says "wave goodbye to all your friends..." and I suddenly got choked up. It passed quickly, but I can't even imagine what next Wednesday will be like...

3. In kid-news, Ellie is as clingy as ever. She had a fever earlier in the week, which made her extra cuddly, and even now she continues to ask "you carry me please?" Sometimes I give in, other times I'm like "bud, you're two and a half. You're heavy. I'm sorry. I'll give you a hug, but then let's move on." At bedtime she wants to hold my hand and often says "you stay with me?" and cries when I leave. Poor girl. It's one of the reasons I'm leaving the library, so I'll have more time with her and am not carting her off somewhere else every day.

4. I gave Abby a haircut this week. I've liked being able to do braids in her hair, but lately while she's at school she's just been taking out every single ponytail holder I put in. So I asked her one night after washing her hair if she wanted me to cut it. She actually responded enthusiastically, and after getting pajamas on I made sure it was still what she really wanted. And we went with it. I think I ended up taking about 5 inches off. It's super cute, and doesn't get in her way as much anymore. I even had a gal who cuts hair as a side job tell me she thought I did a good job. :)
Not the best photo, she was cute playing dress up
the other night at church. Her hair is all the
way above her shoulders now! 

5. I'm super excited today to head out to East Lansing, home of my alma mater (who is back in the Elite Eight!). Rocky and I will be at the Breslin Center (sans kids! date night!), watching the boys basketball team from the high school he teaches at play in the state finals! It's the first time in school history that they've made it even to the semi-finals. I listened to the semi-final game on Thursday, and wow it was a close game! We'll see how they do in this last one! Go Mustangs!!!
From Homecoming earlier in the season


  1. Woohoo! My title suggestion got chosen! Haha.

    It is so sweet that you love your job/storytime kids so much that you're sad to leave them. I was jumping for joy when I finally left my job. Haha.

    Abby's hair is adorable! Way to go!

    1. I really liked sticking with the "lion" theme. :)