Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Lion's Tales: March 15-21

I like week-in-review type posts. Sadie at Adventures in La La Land posts her "Saturday 7", and Jessica at Life as Mom posts a "Weekly Ramble". And then there are favorite links of the week, like Anne's "Links I Love" at Modern Mrs. Darcy and Tsh's "Cuppa Reads" at Art of Simple.

EDIT: I asked for suggestions for a name for this series (some of which are in the comments below), and I now present to you the first-ever edition of "The Lion's Tales". :)

1. Abby has started reading! I realized she knows A LOT of words just by sight - she'll mix up "why" and "when" and "where" because I think she sees the wh- and guesses which one it is. At the library we have the leveled reading books in their own section, and I always tell parents "even within each level there is a lot of variation in reading level." Luckily I know a few series that are super easy to read, and picked up a couple of books about a cat named Mittens for Abby. I told her I was not going to read them to her -- if she wanted to find out what happened, she would have to read it out loud to me herself -- and she did! I've had to help her with a couple of words, but she is definitely a reader now. Yeeeehaw!!!!

2. The last of our snow melted this week. My tulips and irises are just teeny tiny green leaves sticking up out of the ground. I've seen photos from my friends of their snowdrops and crocuses and daffodils... maybe I should plant some of them sometime just to have something blooming in March.

3. The girls and I went to the zoo this morning. We have a membership to the children's museum (an awesome Christmas gift!) and a lot of the museums and other places in town have membership exchanges throughout the year. During the month of March our children's museum membership gets us into the zoo for free. Looking at the calendar I knew we wouldn't have many other opportunities to go, so even though it was 35 degrees and cloudy and damp, we made the 45 minute trip. It was so worth it! It wasn't busy at all, and even though a lot of the animals aren't out yet, the lions and the tigers both came right up to the glass.

4. It's so weird to think I have a week and a half until I'm done at the library. I've been trying to tie up loose ends, clean and organize drawers and the storage closet, and plan my last few storytimes. I've also been able to sit in on interviews this week. We have a couple of really good candidates, so I feel relieved that I'll be able to leave the position in good hands. But I've also had to answer a few phone calls, some from salespeople and some from local groups/organizations/committees who want to stop by or partner with me, and had to tell them what's going on and to call back in a month when the new person is there. It's such a weird feeling. I'm still very sure I'm making the right decision though.

5. This week was my birthday! I celebrated by leading storytime in the morning, sitting in on three interviews for my job in the afternoon, and hanging out with my girls in the evening while my husband was at a meeting. Ellie made cupcakes for me my friend made cupcakes for me while Ellie watched and liked the spoon.

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  1. That is so awesome about Abby reading! And that picture of Ellie is adorable!!

    I love Rocky's suggestion. Or you could do . . .
    The Roer Rundown
    The Roer Recap
    The Roer Review
    The Lion's Tales
    Or always stick with 4 points and call it the Roer Four. Haha. (Word to the wise - seven is way too many to commit to every week!)