Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Lion's Tales: May 23-30

This weekly recap is where I blog about anything and everything from the past week. Could be about books, my kids, my garden... Random things in my life that don't fill enough space for their own post!

1. Last weekend was Abby's 5th birthday and party. How can my firstborn be so old already?! I remember the day we brought her home from the hospital, the purple and yellow irises in my flower garden were in full bloom to welcome us home... Anyway, last Saturday was a fantastic day for inviting friends to our family's lakehouse. I'll do a post in a couple days about the party theme and such (My Little Pony), but for now I'll just say it probably couldn't have gone any more perfectly.

2. A little over a week ago Rocky and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. We went out to dinner and used gift cards to get expensive things to eat that we wouldn't usually cook at home. That's how we roll. :)

3. I'm about 7 weeks into my Usborne adventure, and it has gone amazingly well! When I started, we set a specific dollar amount for start-up costs, and everything I've gotten since then (supplies, samples, etc) I've purchased/earned with my commission and as freebies. I've now reached the point where I have everything I need, so any commission I earn is straight up income. I reached a few milestones with sales and the company rewarded me with free stuff. They are all so encouraging!! If you'd like the opportunity to earn some extra income for your family and get free stuff too, let me know. There are no monthly quotas to meet or anything, it's actually very laid back and that's one of my favorite things about Usborne as a home-based business.

4.  I've been having issues with my eyes. I should start by saying I got my first pair of glasses when I was 7 years old and have been wearing contacts since 16. At first I attributed my troubles to allergies (which I have never ever had in my whole life but everyone has been saying this has been a terrible spring for them...). My eyes were really red and I had people ask if I was okay because it looked like I had been crying. I left my contacts out for awhile and got some drops. Things were kind of getting better, but then I was having trouble with blurry vision, as if my glasses prescription wasn't strong enough (I have horrible eyes anyway). I was afraid to drive for a couple of days because I couldn't see well. I got checked out and the eye doctor gave me a prescription for a stronger eye drop which has finally been working.

We think what happened is that I actually had an allergic reaction to a new brand of contact solution (I just got whatever was on sale when I needed more!), and the allergies and dry eyes compounded things. So I have to wear my glasses for a couple more weeks and then will get new contacts. Yuck! But I'm thankful it's nothing more serious.

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