Monday, June 1, 2015

Usborne Review: Step-by-Step Drawing Book

96 pages. Paperback. 

From Usborne: "Discover how to draw lots of things by following the simple step-by-steps in this delightful book, which has space for you to draw in. From rockets to robots… monkeys to monsters... there’s so much to inspire."

My thoughts: My 5-year-old saw this book in my starter kit, and asked me almost every day if she could keep it. I got her one for her birthday, and oh my word she has LOVED it. She claims she wants to be an artist when she grows up -- for Christmas I bought her a ream of computer paper, and all 500 sheets were used up by April. She sat down and drew in this for nearly an hour on her birthday, and I think it's going to help her overall drawing skills tremendously.

There are other books in the series: AnimalsPeople, and Dinosaurs

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  1. This book may be useful for parents like me, too! I love when my son asks for me to draw, and I'll give him the sure, err, here's a dolphin. We could use this book!
    Thanks for sharing - stopping by via the Kid Lit Blog Hop

    1. It's so great! Abby had to bring her "favorite book" for her last show-and-tell at school last week, and she chose to bring this one. :) Usborne has other, simpler learn-to-draw books too! I wish I had all of these when I was a kid.