Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Usborne Review: See Inside Your Body

See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes & Colin King
16 pages. Large boardbook. 

From Usborne: "Follow your food as it travels through your body. Take a deep breath and explore your lungs. Let your mind boggle at what your brain can do. This exciting book, packed with lively illustrations and fascinating flaps, is bursting to reveal your body's amazing secrets."

My thoughts: Though recommended for ages 7 and up, both my 5 and almost-3 year old reach for this one almost daily. We spent some time reading through the pages and lifting the flaps together at first, and now they know enough that they can figure out most of the things by the pictures. For a couple of days my oldest wanted to be a doctor when she grows up (now she's back to wanting to be an artist). A very factual book with clear illustrations. No it does not include the reproductive system, yes it does include the entire digestive system.

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