Monday, December 14, 2015

Quick Lit: December 2015

A 16 oz cup of creamy peppermint mocha coffee
has been my constant reading companion this month

My goal for this year is to read 36 books - 3 a month - after only finishing 24 last year. With only 2 weeks left of the year, I have 5 books to go... roughly one book every 3 days. Any other year I don't think I would make it, but with a family vacation coming soon -- that includes lots of time on a plane and relaxing in warm weather -- I think it might happen!

Here's what I've finished in the last month... only 2 books.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
This was my first Moriarty book, and I'm now adding others of hers to my TBR list! I really liked the character development and the bit of murder-mystery. As each chapter went by I would think "ohh I hope the victim isn't ___!!" I didn't realize going in that a main topic of the book was domestic violence, and it really opened my eyes to how this kind of thing could be going on in someone's life and I never see any outward signs. This is a very well-crafted story! 

Some romance, small-town charm, and the story of someone having a fresh start in life made this a quick read. I'll admit there was a little too much romance for me without enough character development (5-10 years ago I would have loved this kind of book), but that's just a phase I'm in. I was inspired to bake bread, move to a cottage on the beach, and keep a puffin for a pet (okay maybe not). Overall, this would have been a fun one to save for our trip (a nice vacation/beach read), but I had to return it to the library!

What is your favorite Moriarty book? What do you recommend for easy vacation reads (with more of a plot than just romance)? 

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  1. I'll look for Big Little Lies! Thanks

    1. I thought it was good! Hope you enjoy it! :)

  2. What Alice Forgot - definitely! and I LOVE My Family and Other Animals for a fun, lighthearted read. It's a great memoir (and a good movie)

    1. I forgot I'd put What Alice Forgot (haha) on hold in my library's OverDrive a couple months ago -- only 2 more people ahead of me, yay! :) I'll have to look into that other one too, thanks!

  3. I've read both of those books and I totally agree with your comments on them. Big Little Lies was one of my favourite books of the year and I've really enjoyed her other books like The Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot. I thought I would love The Little Beach Street Bakery but I was meh about it. It was missing something for me!

  4. Julie Coryell (I Am JuJu)December 29, 2015 at 5:16 PM

    I loved Big Little Lies. I also really loved What Alice Forgot as well as The Husband's Secret.