Friday, December 4, 2015

The on-going dilemma of a book blogger

I've written before about how I can't read more than one book at a time, so today's #bookwormproblem is slightly related. It's the biggest reason why my blog has been more silent lately than I'd like it to be.

How does a book blogger choose to spend her time?? She could be a) reading books b) writing about books or c) doing all of the other things in life that need to be done.

Option c has gotten the most priority for me lately. Sickness, cleaning, volunteer work, kids activities... You know how that goes, right?

In the photo above, 4 of those books are for me and I was in the middle of a 5th, and they're all due back to the library in 3 weeks. With renewal that makes 6 weeks. I should be able to get them all read, right??

I hope to get a better handle on my weekly schedule and get back to posting more frequently, plus allowing myself time to sit and read (it's good for my introverted self anyway). In 2016 I'm excited to be part of a new book club with some other bloggers. There WILL be time for everything I'm most passionate about doing. :)

If you're a book blogger (or not!), how do you manage your time? 

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  1. It's totally such a Catch-22 right? You want to blog about books... but you don't have anything to blog about, unless you read... and if you're reading, you don't have time to blog! So frustrating sometimes.