Saturday, October 21, 2017

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 21

The Catawampus Cat
by Jason Carter Eaton & Gus Gordon
March 2017. 32 pages.

From Amazon: "catawampus (cat-a-wam-pus) n. 1. Diagonal or at an angle. 2. Askew, awry.
 The catawampus cat walks with a slant. And his skewed point of view has everyone in town looking at everything with fresh eyes. Even Bushy Brows Billiam who never notices anything, including what time class is over, spots the catawampus cat, and now he’s a star student! And when the town librarian sees the catawampus cat, she pulls the “wrong” book from the shelf, sending her into a life of adventure. The catawampus cat is in town and everything is about to change."

My thoughts: This is a cute book that encourages us to look at life from different angles. Who knows what we might discover! I kept wanting to tilt my head as I was reading. :) The ending was predictable, but still fun.

Recommended Age: 4-8 years

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