Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Display: Caldecott Winners

We have a small bookshelf in the hallway between the elevator/bathrooms and the children's area. From what I hear, no one ever seems to know what to fill it with.

Someday I'm hoping to get around to making recommended reading lists (specific age groups, topics, etc.). In the meantime, this little shelf holds a few Caldecott medal winners, with a sign saying "Need a book idea? Try a medal winner!" and a booklet I printed off of the current 2013 honor books and a list of all past winners.

I need to refill it every couple of days, so I know they're getting checked out. Maybe eventually when I get my reading lists together this display will rotate through those recommended books. I've found if kids can see the covers of books, they're much more likely to take one home!

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