Friday, July 5, 2013

Display Case: Dig into Reading!

To entice kids (and adults too!) to sign up for our Summer Reading Program, I put together this display in my glass display case for the 4 weeks we ran our signups (this is the view from above):

It's an I Spy sort of thing. In the bottom left corner is a tag that asks "Can you dig and spy these items that can be found beneath the surface?"

It was mostly random stuff I gathered from the bottom of my own kids' toy box, and some other little things I found in my library's storage closet.

The big poster in the middle was purchased through CSLP/Upstart, and I printed out little labels to stick on it that described our four programs (Read to Me, 1st-6th grades, 7th-12th grades, and adult).

Easy and fun, and I think the kids liked it!

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