Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Looking back, and looking ahead

I hope you all had a great few weeks full of holidays and family time and lots of books! :) I disappeared for a time here on the blog and on Facebook, but if you follow me on Instagram you may have discovered the reason for my absence...

My extended in-law family (9 adults and 4 kids total) took a week-long vacation to Aruba. I feel a little shy even telling you about it -- it sounds so exotic and not-like-me (I don't consider myself a beach-y person) and I hate making people feel jealous... It must be the people-pleaser in me -- you'll still like me right? I promise this is the only time I'll mention it, unless you really want to hear more about it. :)

SO, because of all that craziness at the end of the year, I'm going to play catch-up really quickly with all of the other things I've wanted to tell you about! It's been quite a year -- I wrote this post one year ago about all the things I wanted to accomplish as a youth librarian, not realizing that two months later I'd be turning in my resignation letter...

Looking Back:

1. Reading Goals Update
After reading 24 books in 2014, my goal for 2015 was to read 36 books -- 3 per month. I fell a little short, only reaching 31. But considering I have 2 young kids at home, work part time, and a few of the books were pretty long, I think I did alright. Therefore I'm making my 2016 goal the same -- 36 books.

I also had a personal goal of reading through the Bible in a year -- I found a really good chronological plan through YouVersion on my phone, and came oh so close to finishing. I have about 10 days to go, and I will finish!

2. Young Adult Book & Movie Club
I tried some books that I would never have picked up on my own because of the Young Adult Book & Movie Club. I do like YA, and discovered some new favorites (Legend!!). Thanks Jessica for running this two years in a row!

Looking Ahead: 

1. A NEW Book Club!
I'm excited to participate this year in Reading Together: A Family Exploration Book Club. Every two months the book club will focus on a different theme, and I have the honor of being co-host for "the Arctic" in January & February! Join the Facebook group for discussion, and be on the lookout for more posts from me about some great books to read with your kiddos.

2. 2016 MMD Reading Challenge
I hope to participate this year in Modern Mrs. Darcy's Reading Challenge. I didn't discover her amazing blog until last spring, and didn't want to jump in on the 2015 Reading Challenge part way through the year. So I'm telling you right now I'm doing this for 2016! I like that it doesn't have specific goals for specific months, but instead lets me choose when do complete each one. :)

What are some of your reading goals for 2016,
or book clubs you're participating in?

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