Monday, January 25, 2016

The Arctic: Part One

We're wrapping up our first month of the Reading Together Family Exploration Book Club! The topic for January and February is the Arctic. We've had some fun discussion in our Facebook group about picture books, The Year of Miss Agnes, additional reading, and even craft and activity ideas! (You can still join us! Come on over!)

I was hoping to read The Year of Miss Agnes aloud with my 5.5-year-old, but she was really bored after the first chapter. I asked her if we could keep going, just to find out what happened next, but she didn't want to and I didn't want to force it.

(we're still working on the transition from reading aloud picture books to reading aloud chapter books...)

So I read it all by myself, in a single afternoon. It's been a long time since I read a simple chapter book like this, and I was impressed by the character development that was able to take place in so few pages. I loved reading about some of the Alaskan culture, and how excited the kids were to learn about new things their previous teachers had never done with them. I'll admit that even I couldn't guess whether or not Miss Agnes would come back for another year of teaching!

I found a neat article by the author, about the making of the book and whether or not the characters were based on real people.

I'm REALLY glad we decided to stretch each theme in the RTFEBC to two months -- I'm not ready to move on from the Arctic yet!! :)


But before we do move on to February's book -- Julie of the Wolves -- here is your chance to linkup a blog post you've written this month about the Arctic. It could be a book review, craft idea, or just general thoughts about reading with your kids. We'll share some of your posts in our Facebook group for others to see! (we all like extra exposure for our blogs, right?)

Special thanks to our hosts for the RTFEBC:

And I'm Carrie, your co-host for January & February. :) 

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  1. I got this book from the library (along with Julie of the Wolves), but I knew my son wouldn't go for it. I took them both back unread. I feel bad about that, but I've already committed to way too many books for January and February. I'll do better with the next topic I hope. :)