Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Lion's Tales: January 10-16

Inspired by Sadie's Saturday 7 and Jessica's Weekly Ramble, this weekly recap is where I blog about anything and everything from the past week. It could be about books, my kids, my garden... Random things in my life that don't fill enough space for their own post!

1. I completed a goal on Monday that I've been wanting to do for awhile -- I read through the Bible in [just over] a year! I found a really good chronological reading plan to follow in the YouVersion Bible app on my phone, called "Reading God's Story". It had 6 days of reading and 1 off day for catchup each week. There were a few weeks throughout the year that I fell way behind (especially the beginning of the school year and December), but I was determined to not give up.

2. We had our first snow day off from school this week. I'm actually pretty surprised we made it almost half way through January before the first one! We have a tradition of making monkey bread muffins on snow days.

What was going to be a day full of MOPS and work/preschool and a school open house turned into...

3. Shopping day. We bought a new [to us] van this week. Our other van has been having some transmission troubles, and when we brought it in for an estimate to fix they quoted $6000. No thanks! So I started stalking Craigslist and created an Excel spreadsheet with details about vans for sale that caught my eye. :) We can across one that was 20 years old, but only had 76,000 miles on it. We checked it out, and it had just been a man's second vehicle but mostly something to tinker with, so it was in super great shape. We bought it for only $2500 and brought it home on Tuesday!

4. Some good friends of ours are moving 2 hours away (because of a job change), and we helped them finish packing and loading the moving trailer today. We talked about how amazing it is to see the amount of stuff you accumulate in such a short time (they're only been in the house for about 4 years). I've been thinking about the possibility of us moving in the next 12-18 months, and it was a good experience to watch our friends go through the process. We're sure going to miss them though. :(

5. Friendships are hard for adults. Once we have kids, we often default to our friends being the parents of our kids' friends. Rocky and I have been blessed the last 8 years or so to have had 2 couples we've been really close to within our church. We've had similar interests, both before and after kids, so we've been able to share lots of life together. But now both couples/families have moved away, and Rocky and I are back to looking for someone to call our best friends. We know we can keep in touch with the other families, but it's not the same as being able to call them up and say hey, want to come over for a playdate/dinner/tennis match/etc...

Have you accomplished any New Years goals before? Do you have close friends as an adult that are/aren't tied to your kids' friendships?

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