Friday, October 16, 2015

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 16

Ask Me by Bernard Waber. July 2015.

From Amazon: "Ask me what I like? What do you like? A father and daughter walk through their neighborhood, brimming with questions as they explore their world. With so many things to enjoy, and so many ways to ask—and talk—about them, it's a snapshot of an ordinary day in a world that's anything but. This story is a heartwarming and inviting picture book with a tenderly written story by Bernard Waber and glorious illustrations by Suzy Lee."

My thoughts: I often get annoyed with my kids telling me "you say ___", as if they're bossing me around. But this book encourages dialogue like that, showing the child just enjoys being in conversation with the parent. The text is colored, so you know when it is the girl speaking and when it is the father, making it easy to use different voices for each when reading aloud. You could easily expand on the story, asking your own child if they like the same things the girl does.

I love the pencil sketching, it makes me think I could swipe my hand over the page and smudge it (though of course I wouldn't even if it worked that way!). This is a really sweet bonding and bedtime story for parents and children to read together.

Recommended Age: 4-7 years (my 3-year-old liked it too)

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