Friday, October 23, 2015

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 23

With a Friend by Your Side by Barbara Kerley. May 2015.

From Amazon: "With sweet thoughts about the value of friendship, this inspirational book preps young ones for the world beyond their own families. The striking photographs paired with poetic text will encourage more unplugged and imaginative play, help kids develop skills essential to their social and communicative development, and create a sense of belonging and security. Plus, we guarantee you'll finish the book wanting to hug a friend. A comprehensive afterword details the backstories of the incredible photos, which feature children and animals from around the world."

My thoughts: It's fun to find a picture book that uses photographs to tell its story. Put out by National Geographic, this book has 33 photos of children from around the world doing various things together, all in the name of friendship. Mostly only one, occasionally two pictures on each 2-page spread, there is a short sentence or even only a half sentence, so the pictures really pop and tell the story. The neatest part? In the back there is a map and small thumbnails of each picture telling where in the world the photo was taken.

Recommended Age: 4-8 years

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