Friday, October 9, 2015

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 9

Ladybug Girl and the Best Ever Playdate
by David Soman & Jacky Davis. August 2015.

From Amazon: "Lulu is excited about her playdate with Finny—and especially excited about Finny’s Rolly-Roo. In fact, Lulu loves the toy so much that she . . . kind of forgets to play with Finny. So when the girls accidentally break the Rolly-Roo, will Lulu realize her mistake? In this compassionate and charming story about the value of a great friend, Lulu and Finny repair the broken toy, and soon forget all about it, blasting off on new imaginative adventures together as Ladybug Girl and Grasshopper Girl."

My thoughts: My girls love the Ladybug Girl stories, and as a parent I love how each one teaches a lesson. This one says it is "a story about the value of friendship." With both of my kids being in school now (kindergarten and preschool), they are having lots of chances to play with other kids and not just next to them. While sharing is a lesson all kids have to learn, this book takes the concept a step further and helps kids understand that even though they might really really want to play with their friends' toys, playing with their friend is more important.

Recommended Age: 3-5 years 

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