Saturday, October 31, 2015

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 31

Well I made it through another month of reviews! When I did this last year I was working at the library, which made it easier to choose book to write about. I had the shelf in front of me every day.

This year I had to plan ahead a little more, and check out a stack of books when I made my weekly trip to the library with my kids. Some weeks it was very difficult to find books, because I'd already checked out everything that was back up on the "new" shelf, and other people hadn't yet returned the new books they'd checked out!

But I made it work. Adding in some of the new Usborne books each week helped. :)

Will I do it again next October? Honestly I'm not sure. It's an easy topic that will always be new and fresh each year. My kids will still be at an age where they enjoy picture books. I'm going to continue to review Usborne books throughout the year.

I guess we'll see where we are in a year! A year ago, I assumed I would still be working at the library...

Did you like this series? What other kinds of book-ish posts would you enjoy reading?

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Click here for the entire list of books I reviewed this month. 

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