Saturday, October 15, 2016

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 15

Cinderella and the Incredible Techno-Slippers 
by Charlotte & Adam Guillain. January 2016. 24 pages.

From Amazon: "Cindy Ella wants to invent and make toys, but her stepmother wants Cindy Ella to clean, clean, clean! Cindy Ella and the Incredible Techno Slippers is a humorous, modern adaptation of the classic fairy tale Cinderella that is sure to capture any young readers imagination."

My thoughts: (not sure why the Amazon description calls her Cindy Ella... she's referred to as Cinderella throughout the book!) I LOVE this adaptation. It has removed all of the bullying by the stepsisters (though the stepmother is lazy and the young twins do make messes) as well as the romantic, Prince Charming stuff. It is beautifully relatable to kids, and follows the basic Cinderella storyline while modernizing it too. On Amazon the title shows it's part of "Fairy Tales Today" -- I hope that means these authors will be writing more stories like this!!

Recommended Age: 3-7 years

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