Monday, October 3, 2016

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 3

Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies by Carmen Oliver. 
March 2016. 32 pages. 

From Amazon: "All the students in the class are assigned reading buddies. Except for Adelaide. She already has one. A bear! And Adelaide is quite persuasive as she explains to her language arts teacher, Mrs. Fitz-Pea, and the reader, that bears really do make the best reading buddies. They sniff out good books. Their claws are just right for turning pages. And the bear looks rather friendly (and studious) in these crayon-bright, contemporary illustrations, making this picture book perfect for every collection."

My thoughts: My first-grader participates in something called the "Daily 5" in her class each day, which involves read to self, read with a partner, listen to reading, work on writing, and doing word work. It can be scary at first to find a partner and read aloud to them, but this book shows how fun having a reading buddy can be. It made me want to pull out a stuffed bear for my daughter to read this book to. :) The bold, colorful pictures are very simple and appealing too.

Recommended Age: 4-6 years

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  1. Met the author this summer. Sweet book, gret review.

    1. Oh how fun!! I never get the chance to meet authors (I live out in the middle of nowhere :-P ). But I'm tempted to try to go to BEA sometime in the future, and I know lots of authors do go there!