Sunday, October 16, 2016

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 16

Violet and Victor Write the Most Fabulous Fairy Tale
by Alice Kuipers. January 2016. 40 pages.

From Amazon: "Violet is determined to write the most fabulous fairy tale that has ever been imagined! Her twin, Victor, is not in the mood for make-believe. "I was born in a castle!" Violet says.
"You were born in a hospital," Victor replies. But when an evil witch arrives in Violet's story, will Victor help write an ending that saves the day? Join the twins on an adventure through Fairy Tale Kingdom as they celebrate the joy of storytelling and reading!"

My thoughts: It took me a few pages to realize the different colored words and papers represented the two characters talking/writing (orange for Victor, purple for Violet). If you can read this story aloud with two different voices, it will help the story make sense. If you can read this story with a second person, so that the two of you are Victor and Violet, that would make it even more obvious. The storyline is fun, as the siblings debate about how the fairy tale should progress.

Recommended Age: 4-8 years

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