Saturday, October 8, 2016

NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 8

Bloom by Doreen Cronin & David Small
February 2016. 40 pages. 

From Amazon: "A glass kingdom is no place for a Mud Fairy. Bloom and her mud fairy magic might be able to turn weeds into flowers and spin sand into glass, but the people of the kingdom ceaselessly complain about the trails of dirt and puddles of mud that seem to follow her every step, and finally they cast her out. But when the glass castle begins to crack, then cracks some more, the King and Queen in a panic search for the long-banished fairy, but they can’t find Bloom anywhere. Desperate to save their home, they send their meekest, most ordinary subject, a girl named Genevieve whose sole task until now has been to polish the Queen’s crystal sugar spoon—to coax any worthy fairy to come and save the kingdom. Genevieve finds Bloom exactly where the king and queen failed to see her, and Bloom knows exactly how to save the kingdom. But it will take the two girls working together, along with a mighty dollop of self-confidence—and some very messy hands—to accomplish the extraordinary."

My thoughts: At first glance this seemed like a long story for a picture book. But it really is no longer than something like Dr. Seuss, and it packs a powerful message. My girls were captivated from the start (what little girl doesn't like fairies?), and we were able to talk afterward about the "ordinary" things that they can do that are actually pretty extraordinary.

Recommended Age: 4-8 years

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