Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Days of NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 11

How to Cheer Up Dad by Fred Koehler. March 2014.

From Amazon: "Little Jumbo just can't understand why his dad is having such a bad day. It couldn't be the raisins Little Jumbo spit out at the ceiling or the bath he refused to take--after all, Little Jumbo's dad knew he hated raisins and had already taken a bath that week! Luckily, Little Jumbo is such a thoughtful elephant that he decides to turn his dad's bad day around with some of his--ahem, his dad's--favorite things."

My thoughts: I chose this book to feature today in honor of my husband's birthday! :) Koehler is yet another debut author/illustrator who has created a phenomenal first book. Maybe it's because I'm right in the midst of these sorts of parenting adventures myself, but this book makes me smile and laugh and relate and say aww, as well as renewing my appreciation for the little things my own kids do.

Age: Preschool and up