Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days of NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 27

Otis and the Scarecrow by Loreen Long.  August 2014.

From Amazon: "On the farm where Otis the tractor lives, the farmer has introduced someone new—a scarecrow to shoo away the pesky crows. But when Otis and the animals greet the scarecrow with friendly smiles, the scarecrow’s frown never leaves his face. So everyone leaves him alone. Then one day, when a cold autumn rain sets in, Otis and the animals snuggle close and play Otis’s favorite game: the quiet game. Otis knows the puppy and ducks can’t sit still for long, and soon the farm friends begin to giggle and squirm, feeling warmed by one another’s friendship . . . but on this day, Otis can't seem to take his eyes off the lonely figure in the cornfield. A deeply resonant book about subtle acts of compassion and standing up for others, featuring everyone's favorite tractor, Otis."

My thoughts: My girls discovered Otis not too long ago, with the book Otis and the Puppy. Beautiful pictures and a feel-good story captured all of us. This one highlights Otis's compassion once again as he befriends the farm's scarecrow, even though the scarecrow is a little different than the rest of his friends.

Age: Preschool and up

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