Wednesday, October 22, 2014

31 Days of NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 22

Everything's Better with a Beard by The Robertsons.  March 2014.

From Amazon: "The Duck Commander family is known for their long, flowing beards. In this photographic picture book with whimsical, rhyming text, objects both animate and inanimate are given the Duck Commander family treatment—with beards! Whether it’s a dog, a truck, or a duck, one thing’s for sure: Everything’s better with a beard!"

My thoughts: Yes, my husband and I are fans of Duck Dynasty. This book uses real photographs (Photoshopped of course!) and flowing rhymes to create a silly little poem fitting the style of the Duck Commander clan. "Behind every beard you'll find a great guy: like Lincoln, and Moses, and Santa, and Si!" It's very lighthearted and just plain goofy. It's great if you just need a little laugh!

Age: Toddler and up

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  1. Just went back through all your posts and stocked our library list. Yay! I can't wait for library day!