Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days of NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 14

Maisy Plays Soccer by Lucy Cousins. May 2014.

From Amazon: "Maisy and her friends can’t wait to play soccer! Maisy puts on her uniform, laces up her sneakers, and heads to the field. Charlie, Tallulah, and Dotty are on the blue team, while Maisy, Cyril, and Eddie are on the red. Let’s play! Soon enough the game heats up, with plenty of action, excitement, and suspense. Who will be the first team to make a goal? Whatever the score, it’s all in good fun, and everyone is still the best of friends at the end!"

My thoughts: Soccer is huge in our community, with many of our young kids playing on local teams as early as age 3. Our varsity teams often win well into the state playoffs. And with the excitement of World Cup soccer over the summer, this seemed like a great book to add to our collection. This book is typical of the Maisy series with bright colors and short sentences. It's great for introducing kids to some soccer terms (goal, pass, referee). My only concern is that the final score is a tie, and I am one of those parents who thinks kids need to learn about winning and losing. :) But for the target audience of this book, the ending is a good one! (though I did roll my eyes on the page where the blue team scores and the comments from the spectators are both "Whoo! Come on, blue team!" and "Yippee for the red team!")

Age: Toddler and up

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