Thursday, October 23, 2014

31 Days of NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 23

P is for Pirate by Eve Bunting.  August 2014.

From Amazon: "The word pirate means one who plunders on the sea, and piracy has been around for as long as men and women have longed for adventure and lusted for riches. But it wasn't all fun and pillaging! Being a pirate was not an easy life. Written by award-winning author Eve Bunting, poetry and expository text are used in this alphabetical examination of the history of piracy. Topics include legendary ships, fabled hideouts, and notorious villains like Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. Includes the pirate code of conduct as well as the different occupations aboard ship."

My thoughts: There are so many books by Sleeping Bear Press in the __ is for ______ series, and they're all so well written! They're so informative they could be considered non-fiction, yet they are almost always featured as picture books. This one really does tell a lot about pirates, from ships to specific pirates, to even the execution dock and flogging... Because of the detail, I don't think even my preschooler would be interested in this one, but pirate-loving kids in elementary school would eat it up!

Age: Elementary and up

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