Saturday, October 18, 2014

31 Days of NEW Kids Picture Books: Day 18

Pete the Cat and the New Guy by Kimberly & James Dean.  August 2014.

From Amazon: "There's a new guy in town, and Pete can't wait to meet him. After all, more friends mean more fun. But who can he be? When Pete finally meets Gus, he realizes they're very different from each other . . . but that's what makes him cool. Gus is special in his own way, just like Pete and just like you, and there is something everyone can do! The message of acceptance shines through and is perfect for young readers learning to navigate the social waters. Fans of Pete the Cat will delight in the rhythmic storytelling and fun repetition throughout the book."

My thoughts: This is probably my favorite Pete the Cat book yet. It's written by the Deans, who had previously been just the illustrator for Litwin's books (which now makes for trouble when searching for Pete books at the library - they're going to be both in D's and L's! :-/ ). It's a great story of making new friends and discovering ways you can play together. Not every person is able to do everything, and kids will learn they don't have to be good at all of the same things their friends are.

Age: Preschool and up

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